SZOLC®‎ is an independent clothing brand, based in the west coast of Portugal.

All our garments are designed with all our love and carefully finished by hand at our studio, which make each piece in certain way unique.

We do what we love and we share our passion in our designs and textures.

The ocean, landscape, music, traveling and freedom ... are just some of our main ingredients.

We don't care about fashion, hype, trends or mainstream.

We just like the small handmade details and the old manufacturing processes to get the exact look for your garments.

This is not about fashion it's all about our lifestyle.

Tattoos on Wood - KOGIA

Handcrafted by the sea with sustainable materials

Take the spirit of the ocean wherever you go


Sustainable • Handmade in Santa Cruz, Portugal

HEYDAY AUTHENTIC STORE -  RUA 5 DE OUTUBRO N13, 2655-255, ERICEIRA - MAFRA - -  Telefone: (+351) 261 866 060